Introduction to SRT Workshop - Friday 5th April

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Following on from the success of last year’s SRT workshops, Sorbus have teamed up again with SRT enthusiasts Ben Rose & Geoff Pugsley to offer a course which caters for both beginners as well as more advanced climbers.

The workshop is all day & will start at 9am at Sorbus HQ in Frome, Somerset with some theory & then move out to site for a more hands-on approach.

Objectives of the workshop:

● Candidates can explain advantages and disadvantages of SRT
● Candidates are able to set up a rope wrench system with compatible hardware and a suitable friction hitch
● Demonstrate suitable base and top anchors
● Demonstrate ascent, descent and lateral movement
● Demonstrate basic knowledge of angles and vector forces
● Apply appropriate redirects to achieve better work positioning
● Candidates can advance a base tie and convert to a top tie
● Demonstrate knowledge and application of a 3:1

  • Introduction to SRT Workshop - Friday 5th April

Topics Covered:

  • Background to SRTWP
  • Evolution of the rope wrench concept
  • Basic set up and use of a rope wrench climbing system
  • Discuss the use of other SRTWP devices dependent on devices available
  • Demonstrate a range of base anchors
  • Demonstrate lowerable base anchors
  • Demonstrate top anchors
  • Demonstrate the processes required to advance a base anchored system
  • Converting a base anchor to a top tie
  • Explain and demonstrate the use of redirects to achieve a better work position
  • Creating a 3:1

Practice and application of techniques learnt in pairs / groups rotating around practice stations.          


*Lunch & refreshment will be provided*


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