Rock Exotica Transporter

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The Transporter from Rock Exotica is a sturdy and eye catching tool-carrier with a dual push-button gate. This helps to keep it locked when you need it to be and to keep it open when you need that easy, quick access when your working out on the field...or tree. It features a wide, rigid base which helps provide sturdy attachment to the belt of your harness, this helps to keep the Transporter upright and right where you want it. A 'winged' gate helps for easier access with gloves.

This tool-carrier weighs in a 3.4oz (95gm) with a MBS of 1.8kN (400 lbs) and a WLL of 23kg (50 lbs)

  • Rock Exotica Transporter

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·         Weight: 3.4oz (95gm)

·         1.8kN MBS

·        23kg WLL

·        Max Webbing Height: 2" (5.1cm)

        ·         Dual push-button gate

        ·         Wide base


Transporter Technical Notes

Transporter Spec Sheet

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