Resi-PD Site Sleeve

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The Resi PD400 and Resi PD500 site sleeves are tailor made here in the UK.

The sleeve stays fitted onto the Resi PD whilst the device is stored and in use on site. They are manufactured from rugged, padded, ripstop canvas and real leather materials. We have added 2 yellow reflective strips to add to visibility on site. It has a tough PVC viewing window for easy reading of the OLED display. There is Velcro secured access underneath for fitting and removing the battery. There is a USB access flap on the top.

Ideal for those using the PD in harsh environments where added protection from dirt & moisture is required.

Although the Site Sleeve gives much added protection it does not make the Resi fully waterproof and care must still be used in foul weather, you must allow the Resi to fully dry before sealing it back in the transport case.

NB: If retrofitting an existing Resi PD400 or PD500 you will need to select option RP033C-A or RP033D-A as this adds the required Adjustable Top Handle, Slim Control Knob, Shoulder Strap with eyelets, Foam Insert for the case and the Metal Front Plate.

The foam insert will need gluing into the case to accommodate the sleeve and we recommend hot glue to do this. Of course, if you send the Resi to us we can fit this all for you or even during the annual service.

Please call/email if you would like any more information.

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