ARS-PS-30KL Wooden Handled Pruning Saw

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A long-standing customer favourite of the ARS range. The ARS-PS-30KL is a lightweight pruning saw fitted with a traditional wooden handle. The handle is ergonomically shaped to fit the user’s hand and reduce fatigue. The Cutting blade is made from Japanese high carbon steel with a hard chrome plating, this application results in an extra tough, rust resistant and wipe clean blade. This quality is what makes the ARS saws stand out against other conventional pruning saws on the market. Its Taper Ground teeth are honed to a precise knife edge sharpness creating remarkably clean cuts with minimal effort. As suggested in the name this saw has a 30cm cutting blade. This blade is fixed with 2 locking screws to ensure a solid feeling throughout all use. Spare blades and wooden sheaths are available separately should you ever need them. 

  • ARS-PS-30KL Wooden Handled Pruning Saw
Pruning saw with wooden grip, straight blade / 4mm pitch, 300mm

Surface Finishing : Hard-Chrome Plating
Material : High-Carbon Steel
Tooth Grinding : Curvature Ground
Tooth Type : TURBOCUT
Impulse Hardend : No
Tooth Pitch (mm) : 4
Tooth Thikness (mm) : 1.3
Overall Length (mm) : 435
Weight (g) : 165
Spare Blade : 30KL-1

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