ARS-PM-24 Impulse Hardened Folding Saw

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This is the ARS-PM-24 folding saw. The PM-24 has a rubber coated handle to aid control and grip even when being used in wet conditions. The saw blade is 24cm in length, manufactured using High-carbon steel which a hard chrome finish. The blade tips are finely impulse hardened, this increases blade life by up to 3 times the normal usage. Even though is the largest folding saw in the ARS range it still only weighs an impressive 215g. As with the other saws in the PM range this model is ideal for anyone working in Arboriculture, Carpentry, Gardening and Forestry.

  • ARS-PM-24 Impulse Hardened Folding Saw
Surface Finishing : Hard-Chrome Plating
Material : High-Carbon Steel
Tooth Grinding : Curvature Ground
Tooth Type : TURBOCUT
Impulse Hardend : Yes
Tooth Pitch (mm) : 3
Tooth Thikness (mm) : 1.3
Overall Length (mm) : 500
Weight (g) : 215
Spare Blade : PM-24-1

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