ARS-PM-21 Folding Saw Impulse Hardened

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The ARS-PM-21 folding saw has a rubber coated handle for extra control and grip even when used in wet conditions. The blade is manufactured using High-carbon steel and is hard-chrome plated. The blade is also impulse hardened which increases blade life by up to three times the normal usage. With a tooth pitch of 3.0 this saw has an incredibly smooth and controlled cutting action. With a blade length of 210mm this saw has the joint second longest blade in the ARS Folding saw range, yet the saw only weighs 180g. Perfect for Arborists, Carpenters, Gardeners and a handy tool if you are regular outdoor explorer. 

  • ARS-PM-21 Folding Saw Impulse Hardened
Surface Finishing : Hard-Chrome Plating
Material : High-Carbon Steel
Tooth Grinding : Curvatver Ground
Tooth Type : TURBOCUT
Impulse Hardend : Yes
Tooth Pitch (mm) : 3
Tooth Thikness (mm) : 1.3
Overall Length (mm) : 440
Weight (g) : 180
Spare Blade : PM-21-1

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