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The benefits of monitoring how trees respond to bending loads have been known for a number of  years and the PICUS TreeQinetic tree pulling system is already available to do this. However, such testing  can be difficult or impractical to deploy – particularly in urban situations. Unlike established tree pulling systems such as the TreeQinetic, the TMS does not rely on applying an artificial mechanical bending load to the tree – the wind applies the load naturally & the TMS monitors how the tree responds. There is however good correlation between tree pulling and TMS data.

The TMS uses sensitive (0.01°) motion sensors – with in-built GPS & compass - that are fixed on the base & stem of the tree to monitor movement under natural wind load conditions – so 2 sensors are required per tree. The battery powered sensors can collect data (20 readings/second) over hours, days or weeks depending on the wind conditions. The extent of tree movement does depend on wind velocity/direction and there are several on-line sources where wind data can be acquired including local weather stations, the Met Office, BBC weather, www.windfinder.com  etc.

Data is automatically saved after each 30 minute interval & on completion of testing the data can be downloaded onto the analysis software provided with each TMS kit – which are available with 4, 6 or 10 sensors – or an on-line pre-paid data analysis service is available. The maximum movement values and the ratio between the stem & base sensor values give valuable information relating to tree stability – particularly when several trees in the same vicinity are monitored.

The TMS is a very useful addition to the range of tree assessment tools currently available which includes PICUS 3 sonic tomography (SoT), PICUS TreeTronic 3 electrical resistance tomography (ERT) & IML microdrills; providing vital information on the tree as a whole in natural conditions & enhancing overall hazard tree assessment.

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