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Following 12 years of development, Protos have fulfilled their ambition to create a helmet with fully integrated ear, face, neck and chin protection and ventilation between the inner and outer shell. The end product has resulted in the safest and most comfortable helmet on the market.

8 x More Safety

1. Greater field of view compared to all tested helmets on the market. Offers maximum sight.
2. The neck protector guards the back of the head from impacts when falling and minimizes the danger of basal skull fracture.
3. The sporty two colour combination has 35% more visible surface. The highly increased visibility gives the wearer a great advantage in situations where they might be hard to spot (foliage, coniferous woodland, blinding sunlight etc - no matter what the season).
4. Due to the special cushioning construction (3 point mounting and anti-shock pads) of the interior shell, impacts are efficiently absorbed and not transferred to the head, respectively the spine.
5. With certification EN397, EN352-3 and EN1731standard, Protos provides reliable protection for heavy duty action.
6. Due to elaborate interior shell, Protos fits perfectly. In the event of an impact, the energy is diffused on a large area and absorbed evenly.
7. As the ear protection is always in position, it serves as additional shock protection.
8. The safety ventilation slit offers high safety exactly where it is needed. Horizontal and vertical impacts are absorbed by the additonal shell before the energy affects the main helmet.

8 x More Comfort

1. Due to the integrated ear protection, there are no prominent parts which could get caught on branches, twigs etc. The adjustable contact pressure of the ear protectors allows optimal customisation.
2. Two great advantages of the integrated face protection: You can work without getting caught on twigs or thorns while having an incredible field of view.
3. Correct fit on the head due to the prolonged, adjustable neck bowl. This way the helmet offers perfect fit even without chin guard.
4. The special construction guarantees active ventilation (air may flow in from all sides and exhaust through the ventilation channels on the top). The ventilation channels can be closed or opened easily. This way you can adjust Protos to warm, cold or wet conditions.
5. A special rail has been attached to Protos which prevents the chin guard slipping under the ear protectors. Wearing comfort and noise damping are ensured.
6. Extraordinary sweat transport due to large contact pads with Klima-AIR technology.
7. Patented size adjustment makes Protos easy to put on or take off by activating or deactivating the neck part. Once adjusted to correct size, you will not need to adjust again.
8. All functions are operable with only two fingers. Also the ear protection which can be deactivated by pushing in it's integrated garage under the helmet shell.

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