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Protos Integral Arborist Helmet

  • £180.00

  • Brand: Pfanner
  • Product Code: HE0043
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Protos® - translated from ancient Greek THE FIRST - is the world's first integrated safety helmet of its kind. After a period in excess of 12 years of development, this Austrian company has achieved their goal. The aim was to develop a safety helmet that could integrate ear, facial and neck protection, as well as chin strap and rear ventilation between the inner and outer shells. Allow yourself to be impressed with the best head protection in the world!

It is possible for any accessories, such as the Integrated Protective Glasses, or the Protos® Bluetooth Communication System to be easily added or removed.

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  • Protos Integral Arborist Helmet

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The Protos® Integral Arborist is a safety helmet for activites that involves chainsaw work at height, and is fitted with a chin strap and Crash Absorber to achieve the mountaineer standard - EN12492.

Arborists and tree surgeons require maximum concentration and attention while working. Your head protection cannot cause any issues or be loose on your head.

The innovative design features of the Protos® Integral Arborist helmet offer fantastic comfort while surpassing all safety standards, providing exceptional head protection.


  • Protos® Arborist is equipped with a chin strap and Crash Absorber
  • Protos® F39 visor provides an unobstructed field of vision
  • Protos® provides a perfect and comfortable fit thanks to 20 different size adjustment options. Once personalised, the size will remain the same, so no need for any readjustment.
  • The patented neck cradle system, which when engaged, gently hugs the nape of your neck, keeps the Protos® securely on your head. The neck protection also acts as an additional safety feature by protecting the back of the head in case of falling or impact and reduces the risk of skull base fracture.
  • Excellent ventilation can be achieved by opening the ventilation slider on the top of the helmet. In cooler and rainy weather, the ventilation slider can be closed. In the case of a horizontal or vertical impact directly on the slider, the slider will detach from the shell, thereby removing the impact from the head.
  • The KlimaAir® pads on the crown, neck and headband transport moisture away from the head helping to keep you comfortable throughout the working day.
  • To further enhance your Protos® Arborist safety helmet, the unique Protos® modular system allows customisation to your specific requirements with the addition of integrated safety glasses and a range of accessories.

Certification: EN12492

Ear Protection: SNR 26dB

One Size fits 54cm to 62cm

For safety reasons, the Protos® shell should be replaced every 5 years (starting from the manufacturing date). This is available separately.

For hygiene reasons, regular washing of the main support is recommended. Replacement of these should be 2-3 years when used daily.

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