Petzl Climbing Combo

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Save money when you design your perfect Petzl combo here! Simply choose your Harness and ZigZag, along with options to add a chicane, foot ascender, OK Oval karabiners, Drenaline 45m or 60m with 1 x eye termination or Courant Squir 60m rope length (no eye) and a Petzl eject cambium saver.

Available Options

  • Petzl Climbing Combo

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Choose Your Harness

  • Petzl Sequoia Harness or
  • Petzl Sequoia SRT Harness
Choose Zigzag

  • Standard Zigzag
  • Zigzag Plus
Add Extras

  • Add Petzl Chicane?
  • Add Pantin Foot Ascender?
  • Add Petzl OK Oval Karabiners x2 ?
  • Add Rope? Either Teufelberger drenaLINE with 1 x eye  or Courant Squir V2 Red 60m length (no splice)?
  • Add Petzl Eject Cambium Saver?

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