Ocean Polyester Friction Hitch Cord - E2E 10mm

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  • Ocean Polyester Friction Hitch Cord - E2E 10mm

Ocean Polyester Friction Hitch Cord 10mm

The high performance cover of OCEAN POLYESTER was originally developed
to cope with extreme point loading on racing yacht winches. Using a combination of Aramid and polyester satisfies the need for both heat resistance and grip, characteristics that are also required in the cover of a friction hitch cord. The core of OCEAN POLYESTER is 100% polyester, chosen by Treemagineers for its excellent resistance to flex fatigue, and high wet strength.

OCEAN POLYESTER eye-to-eye slings are available in a range of lengths with sewn eyes/terminations that bear the CE mark.
The eyes of the sling are carefully sewn and designed to hold carabiners
securely in place.
Each eye is approximately 65mm in diameter, permitting only 1 carabiner per eye for added safety and trouble-free use.
Tightly woven cover enhances abrasion and heat resistance contributing to
a longer useful life.

EN795B (8mm), EN566/ANSI (10mm)

OCEAN POLYESTER - unsurpassed performance!

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