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Notch CBF Mini Wedge

  • £5.45

  • Brand: Notch
  • Product Code: NOT-39904
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A mini wedge designed with the arborist in mind. The Notch CBF Mini Wedge, in it's eye catching orange colour, is a sturdy yet tiny wedge ('Climber's Best Friend') and is perfect for jamming into narrow kerfs to help alleviate saw pinching when out on the job. Tie a quick line between your harness and your CBF wedge and you'll always have it right when you need it and never lose it from a tree. You are able to store this wedge on almost any karabiner or tool carrier through it's large hole.

  • Notch CBF Mini Wedge



·       Weight: 0.10 lb

·       Orange Wedge

·       Length: 3.5 in

·       Inner diameter: 14.4 by 25.2 mm



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