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Notch X-Rigging Ring

  • £25.95

  • Brand: Notch
  • Product Code: LW-35789
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Brought to the tree industry by J. David Driver, the X-Man, the X-Rigging rings are simple in concept, brilliant in function. The rings are made with milled aluminium, then hard-coat anodized, and then polished–making them strong, durable and low friction. 

Medium - 20mm x 14mm

Large - 28mm x 20mm

XL - 38mm x 28mm

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  • Notch X-Rigging Ring



·       Simple concept

·       Milled Aluminium 

·       Hard coat anodized

·       Strong

·       Durable

·       Medium, Large or XL


 Available in 3 sizes;

Medium - Inner Diameter 20mm. Rope Capacity up to 14mm

Large - Inner Diameter 28mm. Rope Capacity up to 20mm

X-Large - Inner Diameter 38mm. Rope Capacity up to 28mm

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