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    To get the very best out of the PICUS 3 sonic tomography system we recommend:

    ·   The PICUS 3-6 or PICUS 3-12 tomograph

    ·   The PICUS 3 compact callipers (ESSENTIAL for measuring tree geometry properly)

    ·   Q74Pro 3D software (also includes the TreeTronic 3 Electrical Resistance Tomography software

    PICUS 3 details:

    ·   The PICUS 3 is very compact, lighter & quicker to use than previous PICUS systems

    ·   The system has a field computer which acts as a sonic sensor for each test point and also calculates & displays the tomogram  – so no need for a laptop on site.

    ·   The system can be supplied with either one or two 6 sensor cable looms – being the PICUS 3-6 or PICUS 3-12 systems – which are very quick to deploy/recover. Also included is the PICUS Radio Hammer with Display (PRHD) which enables up to 24 test points to be used with the PICUS 3 field computer. More test points are possible if the field computer is linked to a laptop on site via Bluetooth. The sensor cable looms are each 3.5 metres long – 0.5m lead in cable & then 0.5 m between each sensor connector.

    ·   Data collection is very quick with the PICUS 3 as signals are analysed faster due to state of the art electronics & the new Q74 software supplied. A 12 sensor PICUS 3 test can be completed in only ~15 minutes, a significant reduction in time compared with previous PICUS systems.

    ·   The PICUS 3 also has a 3 point rapid test function which enables the tree to be quickly scanned to ascertain whether a full PICUS test is required.

    ·   The PICUS 3 software enables tomograms to be created in real time before all the test points have been used. For example, once the system has enough viable data to produce a tomogram it will display a preview of the tomogram on the field computer. The preview allows a decision to be taken as to whether to proceed with all the remaining test points or – if the preview indicates the tree is in much better condition than expected – whether to terminate the testing procedure. Time on site can therefore be significantly reduced.

    ·   The PICUS 3 also has built in Bluetooth & GPS capability and an electronic clinometer to measure tree heights

    All purchases of PICUS technology comes with installation and training in the UK and ongoing lifetime support

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  • Picus 3


·         Very compact, lighter & quicker to use than previous PICUS systems

·         No need for a laptop on site

·         Built in Bluetooth & GPS capability

·         Electronic clinometer

·         Installation and training in the UK

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