Mesh - Stein Plasma AQ Work Helmet - with MSA Fittings

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  • Mesh - Stein Plasma AQ Work Helmet - with MSA Fittings
Groundsman Helmet

Certified to EN397 Standard this helmet has an innovative design, light, compact, comfortable. Well ventilated with its 10 air intakes that keep the head cool. All the air intakes are fitted with a protective grille.

The visor system meets EN 166 for safety eye protection and EN 14458 for use by the emergency services. The visor mounts to the helmet with a non ferrous connector and has an up and down positioning lug to prevent visor creep.

Rapid size adjustment system. Allows size adjustment with the helmet fastened on the head. The inner padding consists of two different pieces, head-band and disc. The inner padding is removable/replaceable; it is washable by hand or in a washing machine at 30°. The new liner is made with a Polygiene fabric that inhibits the growth of odour producing bacteria.

The chinstrap is fixed to the outer shell without the use of metallic rivets. With quick adjustable buckles for easy adjustment.

Fitted with a special loop on the strap which allows the helmet to connect to a harness for easy transportation.

Available in white, red or blue. Please select your chosen colour from the drop-down list.

Complete with: Mesh Visor, Fittings, a choice of 26SNR or 31SNR Sordin Ear Defenders

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