Marlow Whoopie Sling

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  • Marlow Whoopie Sling

Whoopie Slings are adjustable in length so that one sling can do the job of several.  Marlow Whoopie Slings are factory spliced with one fixed eye and one adjustable and are manufactured using a unique multi-braided construction for improved durability without the need for PU coating.

Diameter: 18mm
Colours: Lime, Red or Blue
Lengths: 0.9m to 1.83m, 2.40m or 3.60m
Terminations: Fixed eye one end, adjustable eye other.

• Unique multi-braid construction
• Hardwearing abrasion resistant
• Strong
• Adjustable
• Factory spliced

Diameter                               18mm               18mm               18mm
Min. Break Load (kN)              46.5                 46.5                  46.5
Unit Weight (g)                       1079                 1320                 2050
Length                              0.9m - 1.83m     0.9m - 2.4m     0.9m - 3.6m

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