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Stein LD750 Rigging Kit

  • £323.00

  • RRP: £380.00
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  • Brand: Stein
  • Product Code: LW-LD750-K
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  • Stein LD750 Rigging Kit

The Stein LD750 Rigging kit contains the minimum components required to assemble a configured rigging system.

Due to the mass variables involved in rigging systems a WLL for the set is not provided.

It is recommended that the user holds an approved Tree Rigging & Dismantling Unit certification.


Kit Components


STEIN LD750 Lowering Device



12mm / 50m OMEGA-12 Rigging Line



16mm / 5.0m OMEGA-16 Multi-Sling



20mm / 5.0m OMEGA-20 Multi-Sling



20kN Stainless Steel Pulley



Storage Bag





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