13mm Lowering Kit

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  • 13mm Lowering Kit

13mm Lowering Kit consists of:

  • LW0002C - Block 13/16mm Aluminium 100kN,
  • LW0003B - Medium Swing Cheek Pulley 13mm Aluminium 45kN,
  • LW0020 - Lowering Sling Small 17kN (X2),
  • LW0020A - Lowering Sling Medium 34kN(X2),
  • LW0034 - Flying Capstan (Portawrap) 4 Bars,
  • KA0015 - Karabiner Twistlock 42kN (X2),
  • KA0016 - Karabiner Big Dan 45kN,
  • LW0021A - Adjustable 'Whoopee' Sling Medium Max Diameter 60cm,
  • TEU001-12-60 Teufelberger Sirius Rigging Bullrope 12mm x 60m
  • LW0047 - Rugged Carry Box

Kit contents can be altered to your own specifications.  Please contact us with your requirements

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