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KiwiKlimbers Spikesender 2

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  • KiwiKlimbers Spikesender 2

The NEW Spikesender 2 from KiwiKlimbers in New Zealand is a world first!

The Spikesender 2 is an independent foot ascender which can be retro fitted onto Distel/KK climbing spikes. It directly bolts onto the shaft, beneath the existing gaff, beside your heel.

You have the option of the locking button for long ascents or alternatively just for a quick ‘leg up’ then pop the rope out.

Using the Spikesender 2 ensures smooth management of slack in the rope along while keeping your climbing line well out of harm’s way. It can be used for climbing either SRT of DbRT.

Milled from high grade aluminium and featuring a titanium toothed cam. The SS2 cam has been lightly tensioned which seems to resist the tendency to create a bight in the rope on ascent.

SS2 can only be used when attached the KK Carbons or Distel/Gecko spikes

*Spikes not included*

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