20l High Density Polyethylene Jerry Can

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• 20ltr High Density Polyethylene Jerry Can
• H47cm W35cm D17.5cm
• Solid Handle
• 50mm Neck for Quick Pour
• 20mm Neck for Slow Pour, can also be used as air vent.
• Brass Link Chain for Cap Security

This Jerry Can takes over where traditional steel Jerry Cans left off. They are lighter, stronger and long lasting. Blow-moulded in robust high density polyethylene plastic, this Jerry Can has been designed and built by experts for professionals in the field.
The advantages of this Jerry Can over the steel cans are, they will withstand a drop of 2.5 meters onto a concrete surface when full (gross weight approx 25kg) without leakage or rupture.

Not susceptible to corrosion - which means no painting or refurbishing. No flaking paint to block fuel filters.

These cans are ridged and free standing, pouring neck dimensions are 44mm and 10mm internal diameter. For air tight sealing there are plastic screw caps with a tapered skirt seal, which means no gaskets or sealing rings are required.

Pouring is easy smooth and fast through either of the two necks. When using the 50mm neck, use the smaller 20mm neck as a vent. The smaller neck is ideal for dispensing accurate quantities into smaller containers.

***These Jerry Cans have been NATO approved***

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