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There is nothing more commendable than coming up with innovative and life-changing ways to save lives. This is exactly the core concern for Celox.

Celox are known for proving chest seal dressings and haemostatic dressings that are capable of saving lives. These dressing are to be applied in life-threatening emergencies to prevent imminent death. Ultimately, Celox are a leading force in the medical industry by contributing to an important range of medical products. They are not just important for medical professionals but are a worthwhile addition to workplace first aid kits, security personnel and even our military are known to use them. 

Key Products

Although their range extends further than what we could showcase here, their two main strands of the product can be divided into:

Haemostatic Agents:

These are dressings which have been designed to stop excessive external bleeding from extraordinary injuries such as stab and gunshot wounds or from vehicle and power tool accidents. Whenever somebody needs surgery from a life-threatening accident, these are the first point of call.

 Why Choose Celox Products?

 As a brand Celox are recognised and reliable suppliers of these first-aid kit necessities. Their products have been tested countless times and results always evidence of the importance of having their products at arm’s length in emergency situations.

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