BITE Tree Infusion

BITE Tree Infusion

BITE (Blade for Infusion in TrEes) is a novel patented system that allows the infusion of approved water based additives into woody plants & trees without drilling by using a small lenticular shaped perforated blade that enters the trunk by simply separating the wood fibres with minimal friction. Developed by Dr Lucio Montecchio & his team at the University of Padova / De Rebus Plantarum in Italy; BITE provides a simple, quick, inexpensive & effective method of applying beneficial treatments to trees under stress or in decline.


EnerBite, a phosphite fertiliser formulation with beneficial additives, has been specifically developed for use with the BITE system. Enerbite  not only acts as a fast acting fertiliser, it also stimulates natural defence mechanisms within the treated tree / plant.


For example in a recently published paper ‘An enhanced trunk injection formulation of potassium phosphite against chestnut ink disease’ (Elisa Del Maso & Professor Lucio Montecchio) reported that EnerBite treatment completely ceased the development of the disease in most cases. Arboricultural Journal, 2017, Vol.39, No 2 125-141



Sorbus have been appointed the exclusive UK Distributor of BITE / EnerBite.

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