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ARS Professional & General Purpose Secateurs

ARS Professional & General Purpose Secateurs
The ARS VS Professional range of bypass secateurs, available in 3 sizes with fixed or rotating handle, are ideal for heavy duty pruning in horticulture, orchards & vineyards.  The VS range has a single-handed squeeze-open-lock system which is simple, convenient and secure. The rotating handle option moves with the fingers as each cut is made, eliminating friction between handle and skin, preventing blisters and reducing fatigue. The VS range has replaceable blades. Also available in this section are forerunners of the VS range, the CB-8 & CB-9 which continue to be popular with our customers.
The ARS General purpose range all have the razor sharp hardened blades but offer the choice of curved & straight bypass blades and a ‘cut & hold’ option.
Also available is the robust ARS leather secateur holster SH-VSZ.

Please click here for an overview of the ARS Professional & General use secateur range

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