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  • IML-RESI MD300

‘No Frills’ basic microdrill for preliminary inspection. Price reflects this.

New: IML-RESI MD300Mechanical drill for preliminary inspections - For detection cavities, rot, cracks and remaining wall thickness- Measuring of the drill bit depth penetration resistance by reading off the display- Quick results on the spot analysis
- Simple and quick application Contents:
- IML-RESI MD300 (drilling depth 300 mm)
- 1x drilling needle (length 387 mm)
- Tools Optional: - Bosch Drill GSR 12V Professional, 2x batteries 12V 2,0 AhNiCd, 1x battery charger.
- Bosch Drill GSR 18V Li-Ion Professional, 2x premium Li-Ion batteries 18V 2,6 Ah, 1x quick battery charger TECHNICAL FACTS:
- Diameter of the drill bit:
- needle tip: 3,0 mm
- Needle shaft: 1,5 mm- Drilling depth is shown in cm at a scale of 1:1- Available drilling depth 300 mm
- Drill spindle for external commercial drill: diameter 12 mm
Selectable from the drop down bar.

MD300 c/w 1 needle.

MD300 c/w 1 needle and 12v Bosch GSR power Drill 2 x 12v Batteries.

MD300 c/w 1 needle and 18v Bosch Li-ion power Drill 2 x 18v 2.6 Ah Batteries.


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