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IML-RESI FSX-Series including accessories package
Mechanical drilling instrument for basic applications

SX-Version: IML-RESI F300SX / F400SX / F500SX

The newly developed IML-RESI FSX-Series is based on the standard version of the IML-RESI F-Series. It is sturdier, needs less inspection services and is suitable for frequent use with extreme hard woods (e.g. Lophira alata, Red ironwood, Eucalyptus etc.).

Scope of delivery (Standard):
- Drilling attachment F300SX/F400SX/F500SX (Drilling Depth 280/380/480 mm) with 1x mounted drilling needle
- Special adapter for drilling attachment
- Paper magazine
- Shoulder strap
- Tool Kit
- 5x drilling needles & 400x wax paper strips
- Manual instructions

- Bosch drill GSR18V Li-Ion Professional, 2 premium Li-Ion batteries 18V 4.0 Ah, 1 BOSCH quick battery charger
- Transport case 'PROFI'
- Newly developed telescope guidance
- Integrated precision measuring spindle
- Maintenance free clutch system




Drilling depth: SX-version: 280/380/480 mm Drive unit: BOSCH accumulator drill 18V Li-Ion Professional Measuring curves: Wax paper strip (wind-water resistant) Drilling needle:
Ø Drilling needle shank: 1,5 mm
Ø Drilling needle tip: 3,0 mm
Resolution: 0,1 mm Feed speed:
0-70 cm/min (18V Li-Ion)
Adjustment: Hard- or soft wood Weight: approx. 3,0-5,9 kg Batteries &
Voltage supply:
18V 4.0 Ah Li-Ion high premium Bosch batteries
(220-240V Li-Ion charger)
Battery capacity: 18V Li-Ion batteries: approx. 30 measurements Electronic unit: Optional: Bluetooth electronic unit IML Software:

F-Tools Pro (expanded software)
or: F-Tools Pro with additional software module 'Pole Inspector' For utillity pole inspection.

Duration of the measuring process: approx. 1 minute


Recommended accessories (optional)

Bluetooth electronic unit
The Bluetooth-electronic unit comes in an impact-resistant case with an integrated Lithium-Ion battery and is mounted to the bottom end of the IML-Resi.
Commands are given fast and easily by a navigation button. Thanks to the OLED display the measurement data can be easily read even in strong sunlight.
Data storage is safe thanks to the modern and very compact technique.

Scope of delivery:
- Bluetooth-electronic unit with integrated Lithium-Ion battery
- Standard-memory stage: 20 meter recording length (alternatively: 40 m/ 80 m or 160 m)
- 220-240V charger
- USB-connection cable
- USB and/or Bluetooth

- IML Software Centre F-Tools Pro.

Standard functions:
- Transmission of the measurements via USB or Bluetooth

- Export to the ASCII or EMF format
- Average of the measurement graph
- Printing-out in general views

Incl. installation of the IML-RESI F-series drilling attachments!

Recommended software packages (optional)

Export, avarage, print- out
- exporting of the measurements in to an ASCII- or EMF- format
- arithmetical averaging of the measuring curves
- print- out of all opened measurements as well as another print-out of a general view
Cavity detector
This package enables the electronic unit to indicate you the total length of all located cavities can be shown in a graph. Also the parameters of the cavity detector can be configured.
Annual ring analysis
- annual rings can be marked out and measured directly in the measurement graph
- export to the ASCII- or MST- format for importing the data into T-Tools Pro ( software for IML-Measuring Table)

Utility Poles,
IML software center F-Tools Pro with additionally software modul 'Wood Inspector'

- especially for utility pole testing
The additional software module 'Wood Inspector' was designed for the pole inspection industry to assist the user in his/her decision making process.
The module allows the user to perform an automatic analysis on decay, cavity and wood quality. The user can input the criteria individually for the cavity detection and wood quality. The cavity as well as the reduction in quality can be shown graphically both on the Bluetooth electronic unit and on your screen with the software F- Tools Pro.

System requirements: 32-Bit/64Bit operating system Windows® 7, 8 and 10 free space 8MB (16 MB recommended)

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