IML Resi-F

IML Resi-F

The IML Resi-F microdrill is still used worldwide for inspecting trees, construction wood and utility poles. Available in 300, 400 and 500mm drill lengths with either wax paper recording or optional electronic pack that includes a versatile electronic data capture & software package (F-Tools) to simplify data capture, storage and analysis.

The optional data capture unit enables you to store all your test measurements electronically and carry out further analysis, such as annual growth rate, residual wall thickness etc. You can also highlight specific regions with colour coded assessments.

The IML Resi-F is also portable enough to enable testing whilst climbing and comes equipped with its own carry strap.

The construction wood / utility pole Resi-F kit comes with a 45 degree drilling adaptor to enable the user to test at accurate angles to the timber.  For utility poles this can be used to test below ground level.

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