Picus Products

Picus Products

The PICUS range of tree inspection equipment includes the PICUS 3 Sonic Tomography system (SoT), the TreeTronic 3 Electrical Resistance Tomography system (ERT) , TreeQinetic system for tree pulling and the Tree Motion Sensor (TMS) system for measuring the effect of natural wind conditions on trees to assess rootplate stability.


If you need to appoint someone to carry out a PICUS survey, make sure that the equipment being used is fully up to date and the person who is using the equipment and interpreting the data is competent to do so. Please also remember that it is ESSENTIAL that tree geometry is measured accurately at the test level preferably by using the PICUS callipers, otherwise the tomogram will not be accurate.

Although Sorbus do not carry out surveys, we are happy to assist you in finding a suitably qualified PICUS user should there be any doubts.

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