Haglof Increment Borers

Haglof Increment Borers

Haglöf Sweden Increment Borers are our best sellers and available in a wide variety of sizes, lengths and core diameters for all types of wood and trees. All Haglöf borers are produced with high quality Swedish Steel with Teflon coating on the borer bit to protect against rust and resin and to reduce friction. The solid borer bit with a barrel-shaped tip ensures an easy start and removal from the tree. The extractor is made with stainless steel with improved teeth and a steel cap. A grip-friendly blue handle ensures high performance and durability. The variety of sizes and models in the Haglöf range guarantees the exact right borer for each specific application. Different core diameters are suitable for different work; the mosdt popular being the 5.15mm core diameter range. Larger core diameters (10 and 12 mm) are mostly used for fibre analysis. The borer threading is also important and chosen depending on type of wood. There are two different kinds of threading available on Haglof borers:

The 2-thread is more suitable for hardwood, since it turns slower in the tree (8 mm per turn) and generates more strength when drilling.

The 3-thread will be faster and easier when penetrating the tree (12 mm per turn) & better suited for softwoods. A 3-threaded borer is 66% faster than a 2 threaded. If you require to test both hard & softwoods, the 2-thread option is the best choice.

A number of accessories are available to assist with boring & we also supply all necessary spares

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