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The PD is the most advanced microdrill ever produced and IML have created this model using ALL the knowledge & experience they have gained over the years from ALL of their microdrill ranges – all the best features of previous microdrills have been built in to the PD plus some new innovative features as well – such as drilling speeds up to 5 times faster. The unique dual recording option which measures penetration resistance and FEED rate gives data that is ~30 times more sensitive than previous microdrills. This enables very early deterioration & ‘difficult to spot’ decay such as kretzchmaria to be detected.

PD systems are available for both tree and construction wood/utility pole inspection complete with PD-Tools Pro software and the optional WoodInspector software module for construction wood/ utility poles. 

For utility pole testing, the PD firmware & WoodInspector Poles software can be tailor made to suit particular customer testing regimes, pass/fail & pole grading criteria. Results can therefore be objectively produced by the PD because data does not require interpretation by the user.

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