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IML Fractometer

IML Fractometer

The IML Fractometer is the only hand held device that is available to measure the physical properties of wood on site. The Fractometer I measures failure load & angle whereas the Fractometer 2 measures properties under compression as well.

The IML Fractometer requires an increment core sample to carry out the test. We can offer a range of Increment Borers (from 100mm to 800mm core lengths).

Wood strength - a physical test

Measurement of the bending and compression strength

Depending on which version you use, you can determine the values of the fracture and / or compression strength of wood cores. The Increment Borer enables you to extract core samples. These wood cores are placed through an aperture of the Fractometer. That way you can make objective statements about the fracture and compression strength of the wood.

With the corresponding Fractometer table it is possible to quickly determine and compare the wood quality. This table enables you to evaluate the stability and wood properties of the tree. The values given by the table are only standard values; the tree must always be seen as a whole.

Fields of application:
- measure the fracture and compression strength of wood cores
- evaluate decayed wood by determining the stiffness and fracture strength 
- detect decay and lignin destruction



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