IML Products

IML Products

IML produce the best microdrills on the market and Sorbus offer their complete range to suit most budgets & applications. All microdrills are suitable for inspection of trees, utility poles and construction wood including play equipment and buildings. Systems can be tailor-made to suit particular applications. Microdrills range from the basic entry level MD300 to the more sophisticated Resi-F and FSX microdrills; culminating with the most advanced microdrill ever produced – the highly impressive Resi-PD. Watch the video below for more information on IML & to see the Resi-PD in action.

Please note that as of January 2022 IML  will no longer be producing Resi-F Electronic devices but Sorbus have acquired the last remaining devices as they are extremely popular in the UK . IML will continue to support these models  so no need to worry about these devices becoming obsolete. This is a great chance to obtain a new  or reconditioned Resi-F Electronic device at a discounted price. In addition there is also the option of trading in these devices at a later date to upgrade to the Resi-PD if desired.


UPGRADES: IML have been producing  microdrills for over 30 years and consequently there are a number of older models in use – particularly the F-series – which can be upgraded to improve their performance. The Resi-F devices used  to be known as Resistographs so if your device has the Resistograph  logo it  will be an old style device that would definitely benefit from an upgrade. These older devices which will have the old style 12V NiCd can be upgraded to the more efficient, longer life 18V Li-ion batteries and a new maintenance free clutch mechanism fitted.

The most advanced Resi-F upgrade is the FSX which includes the 18V Li-ion batteries, maintenance free clutch and new internal telescopic needle guide as used in the latest  Resi—PD microdrill.

REFRESHER TRAINING: Although training is offered with all new devices, existing users may require refresher training which Sorbus are happy to arrange on request.

RESI-F TRADE IN SCHEME: If you have seen the remarkable Resi-PD in action and would like to trade-in your existing Resi-F device then we are offering a buy-back scheme to help offset the cost of a new Resi-PD. Simply tell us the model and serial number of your existing Resi-F device and we will make a buy-back discounted  offer if possible.

RECONDITIONED RESI-F DEVICES: Resi-F devices that have been traded in are completely reconditioned and are available at very good prices – an ideal option to those who would like a IML microdrill but cannot justify the cost of a new device. Please contact us for further details.

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