VL5 360⁰ Vertex Laser Kit

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  • Brand: Haglof
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The VL5 is excellent both in the forest and for construction, utility and industrial applications. Great accuracy and measurement range, rugged and fully field adapted.

The VL5 Vertex Laser is a technically advanced instrument solution for height, distance and angle measurement in forest and field using both ultrasound & laser technology. The VL5 offers a variety of options to get correct measurements in all different situations and surroundings. Results are presented in a graphic LCD display and can be transferred with IR and Bluetooth. The VL5 can also store and process field data and present calculated figures on the spot. 

  • -       The VL5 is the most complete, compatible and communicative field measurement instrument system.
  • -       The bright orange instrument housing is reinforced, shock- and drop proof and secured.
  • -       Angle compensated/horizontal distance value and tilt sensor.
  • -       Ultrasound and laser combination technology.
  • -       Bluetooth® and IR communication.
  • -       Features all advantages from the L5 Laser and the Vertex IV instruments in a unique combination.
  • -       Reverse prism factors (BAF-factors) 5-50 (English) / 0.5-9 (Metric).
  • -       Long distance measuring capacity.
  • -       Data storage & processing capacity.
  • -       Incorporated functions for borderline/hazard trees, safety distance, tree limit, line clearance and delta height.
  • -       Red cross aim for easy spotting of tree tops & thin objects.
  • -       Adjustable laser filter: closest-farthest-strongest.
  • -       Rechargeable built-in Li-Ion battery.
  • -       Easy operation with field adapted keypad and step-through menu.
  • -       Perfect in the forest, for logging, wood and timber industry, utility applications...
  • -       Customization possibilities.
  • -       Accessories include reflector/transponder T3, monopod for transponder T3, monopod with footbracket.


** Kit Consists of: VL5 Laser, T3 Transponder, Adaptor & Monopod **

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