Haglof Digital Clinometers

Haglof Digital Clinometers

EC II-D (angle/height/distance): The NEW model EC II D is an easy to use field instrument that uses basic trigonometry to calculate the distance between you (the user) and the object to measure. Set a reference height mark on the object at 2 meters. Step back for good vision of the mark and the object. Measure the angle to the reference mark, followed by the usual base angle and top angle. The total height is presented to you!

CI (angle) – The Haglöf C I Slope Measurer - Measures Slopes and Vertical Angles.

The Haglof C I Slope Measurer is an easy to use and accurate field instrument to measure slopes and vertical angles. The C I becomes your reliable work companion that always offers accurate measuring results, without calibration or maintenance. Great value for a small price! The new blue C I Slope Measurer is ideal for foresters, geologists, in construction and building, for planning work, golf course maintenance, parks and recreation areas, ski slopes... and much more. The C I uses one AA battery that is removed by sliding open the battery lid. The battery consumption is low and a battery often lasts for several months. To use, simply aim at the angle, push the button and read the results.  The C I is factory set with results in degrees or percentage.

-        EC II-R (height/angle/basal area/volume/form factor) – The ECII-R is an electronic clinometer with factor gauge and several new functions and useful in many operation areas. Use the ECII-R to get quick and accurate height readings from any known distance and with the same easy handling as when working with the Haglöf ECII clinometer. The new ECII-R model has adjustable form factors from 0,10...0,95 (default 0,45), and includes the possibility to delete input trees. Use the built-in basal area functions to count number of stems in your ECII-R, using 1 out of 4 basal area factors (0.5,1,2,4 or 5,10,20,40). The ECII-R will automatically display a calculation of the basal area and give a volume estimate based on the dominant tree height or average height.

HCH (angle/height/compass) – This Haglöf HCH Compass with Height function has the potential to become your next favourite forest instrument.

It’s small, accurate, fast, easy to use and giving measuring results of inclination and heights measured from any optional distance and placing in relation to the object’s position in the field - and including a built-in azimuth compass 0-360˚ graduated in 1˚ increments, and accuracy to 2.5˚. Ideal when building roads and power lines, demarcation of forest properties etc. Single button operation where the user can switch from compass to clinometers with one push, built-in magnetic declination and easy calibration.

-        HCC (angle/compass) - The HCC Haglöf Clinometer Compass is an clinometer and a compass. Use the HCC to measure horizontal and vertical angles. This together with the compass makes the HCC great for site survey in satellite installation. Features azimuth compass 0-360˚ graduated in 1˚ increments, and accuracy to 2.5˚. Clinometer measures -55˚ to +85˚, graduated in 0.1˚ increments with accuracy to 0.2˚.The user can switch from compass to clinometer with one push. Built-in magnetic declination and easy calibration. The HCC Clinometer Compass measures in degrees.

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