L5 Laser Measuring Unit

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  • L5 Laser Measuring Unit

The L5 Laser instrument is a great instrument choice for long range measurement in open areas. With the L5 instrument you can measure distances shorter than 0.5m up to 700 meters with great precision and accuracy. The L5 is used in areas such as forestry, arboriculture, utilities, power lines, maintenance work and for accident prevention.

A laser filter allows for flexible measuring, where you can select to me­asure the closest object, the farthest object or the object that submits the strongest signal.

The L5 has a built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery. An illuminated adjustable red crosshair improves sighting and spotting of individual lines and other objects. The L5 instrument is rugged with a reinfor­ced and balanced housing. IP67 water resistant, with user friendly interface, fully integrated technology, and built-in mounting point for camera-type monopod if a steadier aim is required. Includes several integrated special functions for added value. Different custom models available (ie L5 Custom Pile & L5 Gator Eye) and possibility to customize according to your requirements.

  • -       Long range, height and angle measurements with high-quality laser technology.
  • -       Rugged, reinforced, drop- and shockproof blue housing.
  • -       Bluetooth® and IR communication.
  • -       Data storage and processing capacity.
  • -       Hazard trees, safety distance, tree limit, line clearance.
  • -       Delta height calculation.
  • -       Red cross aim for easy spotting of thin objects.
  • -       Adjustable laser filter - closest, farthest, strongest.
  • -       Rechargeable built-in Li-Ion battery.
  • -       Easy operation with field adapted keypad and step-through menu.
  • -       Perfect for forestry, logging and wood industry, power distribution and utility applications, shooting ranges, construction and more.
  • -       Custom order measurement functions.
  • -       Optional accessories include camera-type monopod with foot bracket for direct use on instrument for a steadier aim.

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