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With a DP II® computer calliper and your custom software, you’re all set to take on any qualified measuring operation - cruising timber, performing a forest survey, tracing and tracking wood from field to factory. Put our close to 30 years of experience from custom programming of forestry applications to the test!

These are a few examples out of hundreds of system solutions. Save time, improve efficiency, increase accuracy in tree measuring, around the world.


HMS is a complete system with a Forest Suite containing contacts, properties, stands and objects and functions to measure standing trees, infringement, thinning follow-up and map handling/GIS.

• In HMS you work with collaborative workspace. All applications have one user interface.

• Store data in Microsoft® SQL database.

• Connect information on contacts, properties, stands and objects

• Publish dynamic interactive reports.

• Exchange data between application modules and field equipment. 

• Calculate volumes, height curves and assortment exchange. Work with different pricelists for income and costs. See lists of standing trees, calculations, net value, handle digital maps...etc   

• The dynamic structure of HMS enables you to interact with colleagues around the world. Learn from others and share your knowledge!


Timber Inventory Measuring Systems - TIMS - a ready-to-use software solution for DP II to measure standing trees, timber and logs.

• Logs: Register tree species, length, bark thickness, diameter, product and quality. 

• Preset adjustable bark thickness reduction per species in volume calculations.

• Stem volume calculated on cylinder volume, defined by length and diameter under bark.

• Length, width and height of wood piles measured and adjusted for pile volume.

• Sample plot or complete area measure: Register basal area. Volume and number of trees per acre are accounted for.

• TIMS calculates a height-curve for each separate tree species. User adjustable form factors or form height per species.

• TIMS is very versatile and supports add-ons such as Digitech Tape, Digitech Keyboard, Vertex and VL5, DP, DP GPS, DP Scanner and more...


The Haglof Log Scaling system promotes an even and smooth work flow and automatic length registration with the Digitech® Tape.

• The DP II calliper and Digitech® Tape improve measurement accuracy and speed in log scaling.

• Mathematical functions to simplify sample measurement, control logs, follow up, fully integrated for less erroneous registers and less time spent collecting data. 

• Work with proven functional technology. Systemize every step of the operation, from standing tree to board.

• Work in a seamless system and rational operation with PC and calliper integrated.

• Integrate instruments and factors and get more out of your time.

• Scan and register your log tags directly with the DP Scanner on your DP II calliper.


Versio Builder and Versio DP enable a better way to work for you, for your colleagues & for your work crew.

• Create programs for your DP II calliper in your PC. No previous programming experience is needed.

• Develop, create, change, run and share as many programs as you need for your DP II calliper.

• Decide which variables you wish to work with and what information you need to store together with your measured objects.

• Use a number of peripheral instruments with the DP II and Versio application such as the Vertex and VL5 height measuring devices and the DP add-ons for added versatility.

• Data output can be made in various common formats, for example Excel spreadsheets.

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