Haglof ECII D-R

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  • Haglof ECII D-R

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The ECII-R is an electronic clinometer with factor gauge and several new functions and useful in many operation areas. Use the ECII-R to get quick and accurate height readings from any known distance and with the same easy handling as when working with the Haglöf ECII clinometer. The new ECII-R model has adjustable form factors from 0,10...0,95 (default 0,45), and includes the possibility to delete input trees. Use the built-in basal area functions to count number of stems in your ECII-R, using 1 out of 4 basal area factors (0.5,1,2,4 or 5,10,20,40). The ECII-R will automatically display a calculation of the basal area and give a volume estimate based on the dominant tree height or average height.

• Height, number of stems, basal area calculation and volume estimate

• Adjustable form factor

• Delete tree if necessary

• Basal area featured in the display

• Eliminates calculation errors

• Simple to operate

• Beaded chain extending to 60cm/24”

• Volume presentation based on input upper height x selected form factor x basal area

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