HCH (Cinometer, Height & Integrated Compass)

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  • Brand: Haglof
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  • HCH (Cinometer, Height & Integrated Compass)

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This brand new Haglöf HCH Compass with Height function has the potential to become your next favourite forest instrument.

It’s small, accurate, fast, easy to use and giving measuring results of inclination and heights measured from any optional distance and placing in relation to the object’s position in the field - and including a built-in azimuth compass 0-360˚ graduated in 1˚ increments, and accuracy to 2.5˚.

  • Ideal when building roads and power lines, demarcation of forest properties etc.
  • Single button operation where the user can switch from compass to clinometers with one push.
  • Built-in magnetic declination and easy calibration.

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