Climbing Workwear & PPE for Arborists
This guide discusses the workwear and PPE for arborists. Items you wear need to be are of high-quality, maintained and used on every single climb. In this guide, you will find information on the workwear and PPE requirements.
Climbing Tree Legislations - A Comprehensive Guide
This guide will go over the main legislation that is put in place to protect trees in England. This includes Tree Preservation Orders, Conservation Areas, Planning Conditions, Felling Licenses and Restrictive Covenants.
Climbing Lifting and Climbing Equipment Legislations Explained
The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 is a set of UK laws that provide protection for UK workers, specifically in the arborist industry. The legislation addresses the use of lifting and climbing equipment.
Climbing Basic Rigging - An Arborists Guide
Basic rigging skills are not only important for providing support, but also for safety. Learning the basics of knotwork and hitches gives an arborist the tools necessary to approach any job.

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