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Upper stem diameter and diameters at a distance with the DP II computer calliper and Gator Eyes laser pointers. Haglöf Sweden calliper models Mantax Black and DP II can be equipped with Gator Eyes laser pointers.

Gator Eyes are used to measure diameters and upper stem diameter from ground level and from a distance. If you are working with DP II Gator Eyes, the built-in clinometer function and corresponding software can be used to measure inclination and tree diameters at specific heights.

The precision of the software run clinometer function is user dependant and around 0.2°. with a height precision of approx. 0.1m and a resolution of 0.1°. The diameter measurement results should be adjusted by 2.54 cm when using Gator Eyes. This adjustment can be automatic (software adjusted) in the DP II computer calliper.

The calliper weight will increase with approx. 190g with Gator Eyes installed. The Gator Eyes are factory aligned and installed. Safety precautions and restrictions apply.


  • -       Use the Gator Eyes to measure tree diameters from a distance, upper stem diameter and branches
  • -       Avoid climbing, carrying long sticks and heavy ladders in the field.
  • -       Great when water streams or wind throws prevent you to reach a tree.
  • -       Gator Eyes can increase the speed of your measurement work
  • -       Combine Gator Eyes laser pointers with software run clinometer function to measure and register heights with your DP II computer calliper

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