Mantax Black Callipers with Gator Eyes

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  • Mantax Black Callipers with Gator Eyes

The Mantax Black Callipers are available with Gator Eyes already assembled and mounted. Aim the two perfectly aligned laser pointers as if you were actually at the stem – just pull the calliper jaws apart until the laser points are positioned where you need them to be - 2.54 cm should be added to the diameter scale result when measuring with the Gator Eyes.

When you want to know the diameters of the trees within a circular sample plot, just stand in the centre, aim and point, tree by tree. Read the results on your calliper scale or display; register manually or automatically. When you want to know the upper stem diameter of trees without having to climb. When you need to know the size of branches on a tree, also those positioned very high up. When there are obstacles to reach a particular tree, for example streams or wind throws. The Gator Eyes range is well over 40 m.

With the Gator Eyes it is easy to measure diameters at a distance. Perfect where the access to certain trees is limited or in dangerous areas. 

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