Mantax Black Callipers with Gator Eyes

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The Mantax Black Callipers are available with Gator Eyes already assembled and mounted. Aim the two perfectly aligned laser pointers as if you were actually at the stem – just pull the calliper jaws apart until the laser points are positioned where you need them to be - 2.54 cm should be added to the diameter scale result when measuring with the Gator Eyes.

When you want to know the diameters of the trees within a circular sample plot, just stand in the centre, aim and point, tree by tree. Read the results on your calliper scale or display; register manually or automatically. When you want to know the upper stem diameter of trees without having to climb. When you need to know the size of branches on a tree, also those positioned very high up. When there are obstacles to reach a particular tree, for example streams or wind throws. The Gator Eyes range is well over 40 m.

With the Gator Eyes it is easy to measure diameters at a distance. Perfect where the access to certain trees is limited or in dangerous areas. 

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