Bear Valley ExoRanger T-Shirt

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Bear Valley's Second Generation Exo Ranger Arborist Shirt!

This shirt paved the way for Bear Valley and is the reason we are where we are. It was designed and made by the Owner, Sam, whilst working as an arborist himself and boasts ergonomic comfort and performance whilst at work. The mk.2 design is still made by arborists, for arborists!

Mk.2 Design: 

The base idea and the make up of the shirt has not changed - however your ideas and comments have been listened to and adaptions have been applied!


Ventliation: The side mesh ventilation is now improved and upgraded, allowing for the maximum ventilation a shirt can offer.  

Sleeve Length: The length of the sleeve has been reduced... maybe you guys like your guns on show a bit more?.... regardless we listened. They are now shorter!

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  • Bear Valley ExoRanger T-Shirt


  • Longer torso length to allow for the user to stretch without the shirt becoming untucked
  • Extra-strong stitching to withstand more abuse from physical work
  • Three-material blend for maximum comfort, stretch, and moisture control
  • Tight to the body, neck, and arms to help reduce the ingress of foliage/tree waste and reduce snagging


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