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Endless Lifting Sling 3 Tonne

  • £5.20

  • Brand: Treehog
  • Product Code: ELC0300-3
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This 3-tonne endless lifting sling is manufactured from a polyester webbing with a polyester filling for ease of handling. Available in a variety of lengths, these slings can be utilised for lowering, load fastening, pulling and towing applications.

Fully compliant to EN1492-1 (textile slings) and each with a unique serial number for tractability. Also, due the clack demarcation markers down the full length of the webbing determines the strength rating (1 stripe=1 ton, 2 stripes =2 ton and so on).

Available Options

  • Endless Lifting Sling 3 Tonne

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·         Conforms to EN 1492-1

·         3 tonne capacity

·         100% Polyester Sling

·         Polyester Filled

·         Safety factor 7:1

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