Elite Full Climbing Kit

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  • Elite Full Climbing Kit

The elite full climing kit contains the highest quality equipment with the optional extra of adding a Petzl ZigZag.

CL0023  Treemotion Harness
KA0035-SORB (x5) DMM Aero Karabiner Locksafe
CL0083C Tool Strop
CYA0010-37-1 Yale Blue Tongue 37m 1 Eye
CL0080A New England 3m Wire Core Flipline
CL0106-L  Large Prussik Loop
CL0106-M Medium Prussik Loop
CL0108-N Petzl Zigzag (optional at extra cost)
CL0120  Gecko Carbon Fibre Climbing Spikes
RP0002C Orange Rope Bag
SA0002  Sorbus Personal First Aid Kit
RP0060-M DMM Medium (75L) Void Duffle
CL0052B Petzl Spartha Knife
CL0053  Tornado Whistle



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