ECII D Electronic Clinometer

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  • ECII D Electronic Clinometer
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The new model EC II D uses basic trigonometry to calculate the distance between you (the user) and the object to measure. Set a reference height mark on the object at 2 meters/6 feet. Step back for good vision of the mark and the object. Measure the angle to the reference mark, followed by the usual base angle and top angle. The total height is presented to you!

·         The Haglöf EC II is an easy to use field instrument that offers accurate measuring results on inclination and heights of trees and other objects.

·         Heights can be measured from any known distance.

·         With electronic presentation, the EC II D will serve you with accurate results for many years without calibration or maintenance.

·         Well-known quality and appreciated accuracy.

·         Three-button operation design.

·         Low battery consumption (one 1.5V AA battery).

·         Instant result of inclination and height on the internal display.

·         No more calculation errors or misread scales!

·         Lanyard and user instructions are included.

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