DMM Keanu Trolley

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Compact trolley for highline rigging and rescue operations. If precision, speed and efficiency are important in your reeve, then the Keanu is your answer. By incorporating multiple sheaves within fixed side plates, not only have we ensured that you won’t forget critical rigging components, we have created a trolley that makes it easier to lift and move loads with precision and speed.

Keanu is lighter and smaller than highline assemblies configured using multiple components. Series redundancy can be configured with the addition of pulleys and lines via quick release locking pins. Two Keanu trolleys can be bolted together to create parallel redundancy. All components are replaceable, so maintenance can be carried out by end users, making these trolleys ideal for rescue teams, arborists and theatre riggers.

  • DMM Keanu Trolley

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·       Dimension 220 x 250 x 40 

·       Weight  1698g 

·       Rope range 13mm Max

·       MBS 50kN

·       WLL 10kN

·       EN12278:2007

·       Purple

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