Deb Instant Foam Sanitiser

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  • Deb Instant Foam Sanitiser

250ml pump dispenser

Unique, high efficacy foaming alcohol instant skin sanitiser that rapidly kills 99.999% of many bacteria

Instant Action - Spreads rapidly to cover hands quickly, killing 99.999% of many common germs in just 15 seconds.
Pleasant to Use - Built in skin conditioners leave hands feeling soft and smooth. Rich foam is extremely pleasant for frequent use in between hand washing, encouraging maximum compliance.
Brand Recognition - Deb InstantFOAMTM in partnership with Dettol. Combining Reckitt Benckiser’s worldwide strength in consumer market and Deb’s unique foaming technology.
Convenient - Available in a range of sizes for use in different working environments. No water required, so can be used anywhere.
Dermatologically Tested - 48hr single patch test, with results validated by a dermatologist, shows the product to be ‘non-irritant’. Meets the requirements of
European Cosmetic Regulation.

Unique Foam Format - Quickly and easily rubs across the hands with no drips or splashes.

Also available in 1000ml cartridge - requires SA0015B dispenser, contact us for more info

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