NEW Courant Flexbee Lanyard Kit

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The Flexbee is a lightweight, flexible, and high contrast coloured work positioning lanyard for arborists based on the Squir rope construction. It achieves accurate length adjustment by a perfectly matching hitch cord lanyard with pulley and karabiner system.

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  • NEW Courant Flexbee Lanyard Kit

The updated Flexbee comes with a fresh touch to the colour while keeping it the same. However, the biggest change came by updating the most important part inside the lanyard (the rope). By doing this, Courant have made the Flexbee more wear resistant, flexible over time and have improved the adjustability


• Lightweight and flexible

• Precise & consistent length adjustment

• Easy replaceable components

• High contrast visible colours


11.5mm 32-strands rope with 2 compact stitched eyes

Polyester sheath with Polyamide X-braid core

Length adjustment system containing:

  • Phoenix 8mm 70cm hitch cord lanyard in Distel 5-coils setup
  • Mova small aluminium twisting side plates pulley
  • Axxis TL aluminium triple lock karabiner

Maximum rated load: 140kg

Maximum lifespan textile parts: 10 years

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