Courant Flash Code Beacon Kit

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The Courant flash code beacon kit is perfect for traffic safety, tree felling, rescue services and much more, along with increasing the level of safety for persons working on or near a road. 

Each individual beacon, when switched on, illuminates an area in a range of preset patterns, both flashing and static.

The robust construction makes them very reliable when out on the job and the compact and stylish design make them very practical, along with a magnetized back for easy placement.

When working in wet weather conditions the beacons wont let you down as they are waterproof and easy to clean, along with being crush proof which might come in handy when working in busy areas with lots of traffic.

Storage couldn't be easier with a hard case that houses the 6 individual beacons for easy portability. An added bonus with the case comes with it's ability to charge the beacons whilst in the case. The beacons are Rechargeable on 200 v power supply or on a cigarette lighter socket.

  • Courant Flash Code Beacon Kit

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• Rechargeable on 220 v power supply or on a cigarette lighter socket.

• 6 Flash Beacons - Orange

• Carry Case

• Good visibility

• Easy to use and clean

• Magnetic

• Waterproof

• Crushproof

• Delivered with a neon green cordelette.

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