DP II Computer Calliper

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  • DP II Computer Calliper

  • -      Rugged andversatile with flexible operation modes
  • -      Patented &certified technology
  • -      Moisture & dirtprotected, sealed & secure
  • -      Great communicationcapacities
  • -      Great customizationpossibilities
  • -      Unique accessoriesfor improved efficiency

-         Haglöf Sweden®Quality Craftsmanship - experience and know-how in every detail

The DP II is a powerful and versatilecomputer calliper built for timber cruising, log scaling, standing treeinventory and harvestercalibration. With many attractive features and uniqueaccessories, the DP II calliper offers the most optimised and customisedsolutions for diameter measuring in forests and other industries.

The market leading calliper DP II haspatented foldable and heavy-duty jaws with a slim shape that allow forcomfortable measuring indense forests and timber piles. With an extra enterbutton placed on the movable handle, your reach is improved when measuring indense forests and in timber piles. You can also choose to factory order and equip the DP II calliper with a Radio Enter Button, that allows you to workwith the slim SmartScale only, and transfer your diameter results via radiosignals to the DP II terminal that can be placed on your wrist or in yourpocket.

The DP II communicates through a dirt& moist-proof comport and with built-in Bluetooth, IR and USB. It isdesigned with sturdy construction inside out, with reinforced housing, fieldadapted display and keyboard, rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and a patented,sealed, absolute measuring system in lengths from 500mm to 1020mm in numerousdifferent configurations.

With the Skalman v7 system, the DP IIis optimised for harvester calibration applications and fully complies with theStanForD 2010 calibration standard and the flex scaling method, featuringautomatic registering of log lengths with the electronic Digitech® Tape.

Other value-adding add-ons for the DPII include the Gator Eyes laser pointers, the Digitech® Keyboard, the DP DMEfor distance measuring, the DP GPS for navigation, the DP Scanner to scanbarcodes and the DP Postex for positioning work.

A large selection of readymadesoftware applications in various languages allows even complete beginners toimmediately start working with the DP II calliper in complex measuringoperations.

Working with the DP II ComputerCalliper

Use the DP II for your planning and follow-upand to execute sustainable forestry management plans over large areas, withmultiple plots and various variables. Work with mixed species and ages; performindividual inventories per sector; use the navigation and positioning capacitiesto revisit plots for your logging rotation. Generate standing timber volumesand support audit cruisings. Track your trees from forest to factory. Maintainaccurate inventories of what is located in landings, and what you have infactory storage areas. With the fully programmable DP II calliper, your customsoftware application and the unique add-ons, you are prepared for virtually anyinventory requirement!

-         Multitaskingcapacity with functionality, reliability, integrated technology and added valueto investments.

-         Cruise, work incircular sample plots, measure large diameters, classify, coordinate propertiesand owners, capture, locate, position, revisit, log scale, measure diameters ata distance, determine increment, age and effects over time, compare stand areasand values.

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