COFRA are an international player in the protective clothing industry. The company was founded by the name of under the ownership of Ruggiero Cortellino in 1938. Initially, they only made shoes in a small workshop by using the old tyres for soles and old army uniforms for the rest of their shoes. Over a number of successful years, the company developed and started turning out many shoes each day that were sent to lots of satisfied Italians all over the country. 

By 1983 the company had a revamp and became how it is known today, COFRA. There has also been a shakeup away from the branding and in the company’s ownership as COFRA is now a ship ran by Cotellino’s son, Giuseppe Cortellino. It was the company’s change of hands that has propelled the business from a successful Italian manufacturer to an international force in the protective clothing industry. 

IT has been especially noted for its growing presence and expertise in safety footwear and boots. Many construction workers and alike return to COFRA for their footwear because it is not only comfortable, it oozes safety details to ensure your wellbeing when working in hazardous environments. COFRA today is known across Europe and many other parts of the world.

As COFRA continues to grow they have started emerging in more safety clothing and accessory markets for the benefit of consumers. Their innovative and wise designers keep producing sought-after products and specifically since the company’s diversification in 2004, they have really excelled as an all-round provider of said products. Some key examples are their glove range (2011), mask selection (2012), safety goggles collection (2013) and as recently as 2016 they unveiled some outstanding anti-fall protective equipment. 

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